Bakeware Surface Coating

Australian Surface Treatments has been involved in the Bakeware industry since the mid 1980’s. In this time we have built on our reputable name in the baking industry. Whether it is a plant bakery or hot bread shop we can help with your needs. No need to replace your bakeware as we specialise in re-coating all bakery equipment, saving you in un-wanted costs. We can also coat new Bakeware. So please contact us for a quote.

Bakeware we coat:
• Bread Pans
• Pie Trays
• Stick Trays
• Muffin Trays
• Aluminium & Steel Trays
• Perforated Trays
• Wire Racks
• Drop on lids
• Bun Trays

Benefits of our coatings:
• Reduce wastage
• Increased yield
• Improved quality
• Easier cleaning
• Decrease oil required
• Increased profit