DuPont LIA

DU PONT has established a network of independent custom applicators of TEFLON® Finishes at strategic locations throughout the United States who are appointed, in accordance with the terms and conditions of this agreement, as “Licensed Industrial Applicators” of TEFLON® Finishes.

DU PONT assists its Licensed Industrial Applicators by:

(1) Providing special technical support and training in the selection and application of TEFLON® Finishes to a variety of industrial parts;

(2) Furnishing with Fact Sheet Manuals which provide all the technical information to select and apply TEFLON® Finishes;

(3) Printing a directory listing all Licensed Industrial Applicators which is sent to potential customers who inquire, through DU PONT, about a source for application of TEFLON® Finishes to industrial parts.

(4) Furnishing sales leads generated by DU PONT advertising and promotion;

(5) Offering promotional literature, support and training to aid Licensed Industrial Applicators in developing their own sales leads;

(6) Licensing applicators, in accordance with SECTION IV below, to advertise their association with DU PONT as a “Licensed Industrial Applicator” of TEFLON® Finishes and use the attached emblem which has been copyrighted by Fabricated products Department of DU PONT; and

(7) From time to time providing additional support such as sales aids, safety presentations, promotional program literature, joint customer visits with DU PONT technical sales representatives, and R&D help for specific applications.