Our Company is Australia Surface Treatments

We use the following coatings


Teflon for non stick, low friction and Dry Film Lubricant applications.
Halar for Chemical & Electrical Resistant Enviroments.
Xylon for special food grade and release applications.

We are specialists in the application of Food Grade and Industrial Fluoropolymer Coatings. With over 30 years experience, in which time we have built up considerable expertise, knowledge and formed key relationships with the most technically reliable and sophisticated Fluoropolymer coating companies in Europe, United States and the United Kingdom.

Owing to this depth of knowledge. We are the only company in Australia to have been awarded a licence from Chemours (the Fluoropolymer Resin manufacturer.) to act as their exclusive industrial Fluoropolymer Coaters for Australia. We also apply these coatings on behalf of many Industries Australia wide. We have the largest capacity ovens in Australia, hence our abilities range from small to very large.

Australia Surface Treatments vast range of Coating’s are employed in many different Industries. Each range of coatings being quite different from one Industry to another. Thus non stick Coatings used for example in the Bakery Industries for their superior release properties are totally different from our range of coatings used by the chemical Industry. Chemical coatings exhibit little in the way of non stick properties, but are vastly superior in Chemical Resistance, and ability to be non permeable to almost all chemicals even at elevated temperatures.

AST has developed many different coatings including many hybrid Fluoropolymer coating solutions for just about any application.