Industrial Surface Treatments

We have been the market leaders in surface coatings in the following industries for more than 30 years. Through knowledge and experience we have been able to work with our clients to provide a coating that suits their needs. Whether it is non-stick, chemical resistant, electrical resistant, low friction or any other problem, we will work with you to solve it.

We cater for:
• Food, Cheese and Dairy Plantsindustrial-spray
• Industrial & Retail Bakeware
• Rubber Mills & Chemical Processing
• Packaging & Plastics Production
• Material Handlings & Conveying
• Valves & Pump Manufacturing
• Mining, Pharmaceuticals, General Engineering & Steel Fabrications
• Automotive, Textile, Labelling & Copier Rollers
• Military Equipment
• Defense Industry

Types of equipment we coat:
• Chemical, Glue & Pharmaceutical Tanks
• Pressure Vessels & Valves
• Adhesive & Ink Pans
• Baking Pans (see Bakeware)
• Rollers, Hoppers & Seal Bars
• Splash Guards
• Release Moulds
• Agitators and parts up to 5.5m long.